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Belenkaya Vodka Belenkaya Vodka Belenkaya Vodka

Belenkaya Vodka



Belenkaya Vodka is a Russian brand with great recognition in its home market. Widely known for its high-quality liquor with a smoother taste and great aroma, it is quite the favourite there.

After a successful experience in the domestic market, the company wanted to expand its business in India and that’s where we, Goldmine Advertising, came into the game. The Belenkaya Team expressed their objective to grow the brand organically across all social media platforms and increase brand awareness to boost sales.

In the second half of 2021, we presented strategies to the company to market it across different social media channels and were highly successful in winning the pitch. We commenced its social media presence by crafting a unique brand voice with a purpose to interact with the target audience and increase engagement through engaging stories and vibrant posts.

Being an internationally acclaimed brand, Belenkaya is trying to expand its base here. As the product is an alcohol-based drink, a responsible tonality while communicating is always followed. As vodka is enjoyed with a cheer call ‘to your health’, we are trying and so far have been successful in conveying this notion.

Our journey with the brand started with #LoveFromRussia and we continued to share this love with our target audience. Counting more brand awareness, growth and lots of fun with Belenkaya Vodka.


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