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There’s a lot that can happen between 0 and 1. A world can be created between the two. That’s exactly how BOB World was built. With the best of technology and innovation, Bank of Baroda created a platform for its customers that made the easy, easier.

Goldmine, to take this dream invention forward, held the responsibility of introducing and making Bank of Baroda’s customers familiar with the BOB world through a strategically devised campaign.

The campaign came in two phases before its launch. The pre-teaser and teaser phase. The communication was clear, to get the audience excited. To get them to peep into this “new world”. The pre-teaser gave hints about this world without revealing the name, while the teaser actually gave the customers a glimpse of this world, introducing the customers with this BOB World made from binary code numbers from 0 to 1.

The media included an assortment of PAN India Hoardings, Print ads in major national & regional publications, TVC & OTT to publicize the “coming soon'' communication. Not to forget the cryptic questions included in the print ads to create intrigue among the audience.

The campaign was not only well received but was also appreciated by many. As an agency we were successful in creating the buzz targeted for.


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