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Millions of farmers in India are familiar with the name John Deere – a leading manufacturer of tractors and agricultural machinery. However the social media presence of the brand was unable to promote the diversity of products and the strong corporate values that the brand stood for.

John Deere’s earlier posts were restricted to communicating the brand without emphasising the inventory of products that the company offered. Enter Goldmine – we were able to create a comprehensive media plan that divided content buckets into product related, HR related and brand related.

Goldmine was able to balance the content provided by the brand, this resulted in greater engagement, more reach as well as creating a more informed mass of audience. Today, the John Deere India page is active and lively with a growing number of followers and more online enquiries.

60 Second Stories

Nearly everyone enjoys watching videos on social media. Our campaigns centred around making those videos more interesting for farmers who use social media like facebook to communicate.

We engaged a three million strong online community by delivering testimonials and product ads that fetched hundreds of shares and thousands of likes because, the farmers loved them.