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The Ministry of Education has been an integrated department of the Government of India since 1947. Earlier known as the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the Ministry of Education has revamped the Indian Education System through New Education Policy 2020.

After implementing NEP2020, it was important to spread awareness about the initiative and various schemes under it and that’s where we came into the game. Goldmine Advertising was selected based on the presented ideas to promote the NEP2020 & various schemes under the initiative on various social media platforms. Agency’s plan of action matched the thought process of the ministry's delegates and our role to educate the masses about the scheme started.

Since July 2021, Goldmine Advertising is working along with the Ministry of Education, educating people about various schemes, conceptualizing new campaigns and pre-decided schemes envisioned to promote holistic education.

A few campaigns among many are Samagra Shiksha Scheme with around 14,000 engagement & 7.5 lakh impressions and Mentoring YUVA Scheme with around 6,000 engagement & over 4 lakh impressions, on Twitter only.

Apart from static & multimedia content for social media, Goldmine Advertising has also worked with a broader marketing approach & included standees, booklets, banners, etc., in it’s communication.

Communicating with over 138 crore people, updating them about one of their constitutional rights: education, and educating them about newly launched schemes of the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India is a privilege in itself.