Shemaroo Entertainment Limited has always been at the forefront of entertaining millions of Indians with an extensive content library of over 3700 titles. What sets them apart is Shemaroo’s ability to feel the pulse of the country and offering experiences that leave a lasting impression over the course of the history.

In response to the shift towards digital content consumption, Shemaroo has embraced the future and developed new and revolutionary ways of entertaining audiences in the best way possible. With this in mind the brand has a refreshed look to touch existing audiences in a deeper way and introduce Shemaroo to a whole new generation.

With our creative support, we are now helping Shemaroo build a new voice in a consistent and refreshed energy.

We started with developing a new graphic language and a tone of voice that is vibrant and can confidently bring the joy of the brand to the forefront in a unique and ownable way. Eventually empowering the brand’s transformation journey.

Recent Achievements : Best Print Promotional Material- The Islamic Travel Mart’ 2018.

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