30th August 2021, By Rashmi Ramakrishnan, Copywriter

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In an era where app updates are eagerly awaited like a pizza delivery guy, comes Instagram’s new feature. The photo sharing app brings along with it a brand new feature of Paid Story Subscriptions. So now, when your favourite content creator puts up an “exclusive” story on the platform, you will have to subscribe to the creator in order to view it. And no, you cannot ask your best friend to screenshot it for you if she is a subscriber either. Intriguing, right?

But, coming from the core concept of a free platform that provides easy accessibility and visibility for every talent holder, this feature lightly draws the line between the audiences and their influencers. Think about it. While it does give more power and encouragement in the hands of the creator, is it totally fair to their diverse follower base? Is social media really a “pastime” or a commercial venture selling #Goals?

Boon or a bane, smart or illogical, we shall know all about it once Instagram rolls out the update. Till then, let’s go scrolling through some free content while we still can!