27th September 2021, By Durvakshi, Junior Copywriter

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There’s a power that numbers behold. The power of capturing your customers’ attention, the power of keeping them engrossed and finally persuading them to buy the product. When used effectively, they can prove to be magical for your business marketing.

Here’s how you can efficiently include numbers in your ads:

Use numbers in their numerical form instead of their textual form to grab your customers’ attention. Like 99 instead of ninety nine. It’s quick to grasp and easy to understand.

Add credibility to your numbers. Accurate numbers show that you’ve done your research well.

Eg: “We sold 3870 units of products”


“We sold 3800 products”.

The first one appears more trustworthy, credible and well-researched.

Use comparisons. Make them think of your product with the context of their everyday lives. Compare the per/product price with something of everyday use.


Your per/day insurance price is lesser than your chai cost everyday.

If your product has multiple ranges and prices, there’s a hack by Dan Airely that will prove to be game changing. According to him, offer people what they don’t want, alongside something they want. Chances are they will buy both. Because the other product is just a bonus to their actual purchase choice.

Simplify the offer for your customers. They don’t want to be doing the calculations. For Eg:

If you’re offering a 25% discount, also mention the price after discount. It will make the picture clear for them with much ease and will make them think of you as a seller who’s transparent and reliable.

Interesting, aren’t they? What’s the best part? They can be used in all aspects of advertising, whether it is strategizing, writing or designing.