26th October 2021, By Avani Sangani, Copywriter

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“Kuch quirky chahiye yaar!”

“All this is okay, can we make it a little quirky?”

“But where’s the quirk, man?”

In our agency calendar, it’s almost everyday that we celebrate this festival of quirks. With the word, almost like a reflex requirement in every brief, it becomes essential for us to actually analyse the word, break it down and understand its significance in the advertising universe.

To put it simply, it is an ad piece that is unusual, whether with the help of its textual or visual communication, making it stand out from the crowd. While there are various ways you can make it quirky, here are some:

The Punny Thing Is:

In the ad world, if there’s anything that hits the consumer’s funny bones with a tad bit of smartness, it is the pun. Sometimes, replacing just a word is enough to make your ad copy punny, grasping and interesting.

Look at this example:

This Ad by British Airways , used the word night and replaced it with flight

“Didn’t sleep, last flight?”

Fly club with more beds, more place, more sleep.

Play it Smart:

More often than not, the biggest of ad hits play on the smallest of ideas. Sometimes, your idea doesn’t have to be world-changing big, it can be something small. But Intelligent. Let your idea reflect your brain before your designing/ writing capabilities.


Consider this ad copy written for a cough syrup brand

“She’s (cough) just a friend”

Make sure, good news sounds like good news.

Throw them off the Guard:

This one may sound a little risky, but for most of the times, it has been successful in catching the audience’s attention. Because, it gives them something totally unexpected.

Imagine a Bank ad that reads something like this. You’re likely to stop and read the second line because this first line by the bank sounds so controversial and almost unbelievable.


to keep it safe.”

Having given all these examples, it can be drawn that the meaning of ‘quirky’ can change from person to person. Putting it in a summary, quirky is anything but something common or seen before.