18th September 2019, By Avani Sangani, Copywriter

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Dekho magar pyaar se - Truck Art in India

Let’s face it. Traffic Signals are boring and tiresome. But in spite of the given monotony, people have their own ways of discovering entertainment. While some amuse themselves with Instagram and Facebook feed, some decide to interact with people around them. For those who have a wandering mind, the traffic signal simply becomes a lala land.

But amidst all this chaos, lie interesting pieces of art, which often go unnoticed. The colourful desi art and the quirky text often catch the viewers attention and amazement. It is always interesting to see creativity emerging from the most unusual places.

Amalgamating a bit of ‘colourful desiness’ and ‘quirkiness’, the text and pictures on these art pieces ignite a varied range of emotions - most of which are pleasing to the mind.

Curated here are a few examples of how hilariously layered these text pieces often are:

- The most overused line: “Buri Nazar Waale tera Muh kaala”

- The warning that comes with wittiness: “Bach kar overtake kar, lage na kahin teri gaadi ko nazar”

- Let’s just say, it rhymes well: “Amiro ki zindagi biscuit aur cake par, driver ki zindagi clutch aur break par”

- Wow! This once truly has to be our favourite: “Latak mat tapak jaayega, jaldi machayega toh upar jaayega”

Which one did you like the best?