26th October 2021, By Rashmi Ramakrishnan, Copywriter

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“Engagement” is the buzzword in digital media. Every agency with its campaigns aims for it above all and leaves no stone unturned in doing so. Here’s a trick from the hat of new age advertisers that has been quite a success in the market for engagement. Presenting gamification; the next big thing that’s putting the A for Attention in Advertising.

Gamification is an advertising strategy that uses games as a medium to pique your interest, generate engagement and sell the products to a narrowed down customer base. Read on to know the top 4 reasons why you should opt for it.

1. It’s fun!

Conventional means of advertising have become quite predictable. In order to grab the 6-second attention span of our audience you need something that won’t let them take their thumbs or eyeballs off you and what’s better than a game to do it?

2. Fits every pocket

Gamification goes beyond creating a game from scratch. It can also be a simple coupon program (cue: GPay Rangoli sticker game, remember?) or a loyalty program, an app development with an engaging extension to it or even a quirky landing page for the customer to navigate through and have some fun.

3. Win-win situation

A customer engaged is a customer won! While they gain from offers & rewards, you get data, their uninterrupted attention, referrals and a loyal customer base. Use this data for targeted communication and ta-da, you’ve hit home! What more does an advertiser need?

4. Active mode - ON!

Have your customers been snoozing you lately? A sale isn’t the only way to wake them up. Engage them in a game and hit them with your products they can’t say not to. There’s your old customer back!

Are you ready to amp up your game?