30th August 2021, By Shruthi. A., Copy Supervisor

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John Deere A&I Parts - Giving a New Life!

John Deere, the American world leader in manufacturing tractors and farm equipment, is dedicated to bringing technological innovations through its products and services to the ones committed to the soil.

In 2021, Forward Experience crossed the boundaries of our creative thinking to launch A&I Parts by John Deere in South Asia and Thailand. What's that? An economical repair option for John Deere models as reliable as the genuine parts for tractors older than 5 years.

Our strategy was to showcase the key value of A&I Parts and build a top of the mind recall among the target audience. The idea derived from the strategy made A&I Parts a go-to alternative for the right part at the right price. That's how our idea gave birth to a 'New Life' which was a culmination of trust, power, affordability and confidence.

We encouraged owners of old tractors to give their machines a new life, re-energise them and grow their bond even stronger. No matter how old the tractor is, there's a right part available for a reasonable price. By finding the suitable part, we gave tractors a new life, once again.

Thoughtfully designed posters carried this meaningful message that could emotionally connect with farmers in South Asia and Thailand. After all, they share a strong bond with their tractors and treat them like partners in growth.

Our journey with John Deere is an endeavour to help the brand continuously build a stronger bond with the farmers in India and beyond. While their innovative products will help the farmers become unstoppable, we will help the products reach the right place.