22th July 2021, By Shruthi, Copy Supervisor

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John Deere, the American world leader in tractors and farm equipment, is dedicated to bringing technological innovations through its products and services to the ones committed to the land.

Taking this culture forward, John Deere launched the Anubhuti App with an aim to help the farmers in India find all the agricultural solutions in one place. Going a step further, Anubhuti App, in 2021, added a feature that provides customers a way to order spare parts from its authorised dealership right from the app.

Audiences between the age group of 30-45 years were used to online shopping experiences, but had barriers using it to the fullest - Dealers might not accept booking, worried about correct booking made, return policy and the payment process.

Anubhuti App has helped farmers book their tractors' timely services, find nearby technicians and dealerships in just a few clicks. With the app becoming their support system in times of need, their association with the app had become stronger.

It was important to be connected to customers 24X7. We gave them the freedom to order the parts they needed by making the process convenient and trustable. We announced the launch of Anubhuti App e-commerce version with the message – “Dealership Hamesha Khuli Hai”. It brings out the emotion of being available for our customers whenever they need us. There is a 24X7 open dealership stores on every mobile. The parts are on their fingertips, just a few clicks away. The launch was through videos showcasing the traditional form of a shop's shutter opening only to reveal a mobile displaying genuine parts. We assured them of placing the order in a user-friendly manner with a how-to video series.

Our journey with John Deere is an endeavour to help the brand continuously build a stronger bond with the farmers in India through their technological innovations on the field.