26th October 2021, By Shruthi, Copy Supervisor

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The theme of Navratri and festivals around this 9-day celebration highlights the victory of good over evil. But, Navratri is also about womanhood, her well-discovered strength and the beauty of self-belief.

This Navratri, our aim was to give the viewers an overview of how we all have the power to change our lives. Once we recognise it, our inner confidence paves the way to get things done.

For the occasion of Navratri, Forward conceptualised a unique film for John Deere which highlighted the core essences of Navratri – Women Power and awakening the inner Shakti within us. It's a story in which an ambitious girl with a solid belief in herself played the protagonist. While the film revolved around her journey to become a farmer after quitting her job in the field of engineering, it also took the viewers through the journey of self-transformation While showcasing John Deere's technological advancement, uplifting the lives of the farmers through its modern engineering solutions.

The film, titled Khud par Yakeen, was launched with a social media campaign. Before the launch, we narrated the stories of successful women in different professions and how the qualities of a farmer reside in all of us Which makes it unstoppable while reaching the goal.

Khud par yakeen achieved 3,54,414 views on YouTube, 2,89,913 views on Facebook and 15,94,150 Impressions on Instagram.