22th July 2021, By Avani Sangani, Copywriter

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Let's take a trip down memory lane. To those good old days, when a good afternoon was synonymous with an episode of swat cats and the noise of you opening your Cheetos packet, or when the only song trending in your head was “boom boom boomer”. Perhaps, even in those days you were probably more excited to visit the popular American fast food outlet more for the “happy meal” toy and not just the food.

And you would be lying if you’d say that the tattoos and tazos never lured you. Believe it or not but for most of us, they were the sole reasons to buy these products. Those water tattoos had once become a symbol of cool. Any kid who had that, had a lot of followers (P.S: IRL). And for someone who had a collection of tazos or play cards, well a legend’s name was added before their name.

But sometimes, in this world of free PayTM Recharges and Shopping Coupon Codes, don’t you miss those simple freebies that you once flaunted with pride? Those stickers, that we could collect in our purses and not on our phones. Those tattoos would adorn our arms and not our Instagram feeds. Those play cards would determine our happiness.

Wonder why brands for children have stopped using these simplest of tactics?