18th September 2019, By Shruthi Acharya, Copy Supervisor

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Rural Marketing in the Digital Age: Our success story with John Deere

2019: An era that booms and boasts of the digital age. In such a situation, exploring the changing dynamics of rural advertising becomes an interesting subject of study.

The urban dwellers are well acquainted with social media as a powerful platform for ideas, commodities and services. But when it comes to the rural regions, there is an extra amount of effort required to reach the right audience with the right message.

One example of such right connect was our success story with John Deere. The basic objective of our plan was to reach the rural audience with Facebook as the marketing platform.

One interesting point that we came across was this: Around 77% of people in the rural areas said that they used Facebook. It was the right time to connect with them and understand their journey in agriculture and farming culture.

Harping on this as our major advantage, we decided to group it with John Deere’s rich legacy and experience of being committed to the people. With language-based targeting, we have been successful in reaching farmers across India with the information they would want to learn more about.

We created awareness about John Deere tractors by connecting emotionally and closely with farmers, and considering them as the brand’s farmer friends through:-

1) Engaging long and short videos - Jinu & Deepak, Tractor and Tarun, etc.
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Tractor and Tarun

is a series that aims to educate about the various solutions to problems that are faced by the farmers in day to day life. It showcases the variety of features of John Deere tractors and how it has been designed to overcome the hurdles for the farmers.

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Jinu and Deepak

is an animated series that has a set goal to develop an emotional connect with the farmers, to break the myths about John Deere tractor, and brand the tractor as a very useful and powerful option in the market.

2) Static posts with beautiful visuals from the farm.

The results were pathbreaking and exceptional. With the campaign on Facebook, the data on google search increased by 67% YoY which resulted in higher brand awareness. Moreover, it was seen that states with less digitalization were also getting good reach on Facebook.