30th August 2021, By Avani Sangani, Copywriter

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The small phone in your hand is no longer just a device to make calls or stay connected. Perhaps, Man’s greatest revolution in this technology particularly has been the addition of cameras to the device. Today from birthday party celebrations to your vacation, everything remains immortal, thanks to the camera, again.

But that’s not only what we have the cameras to be thankful for. Today, anyone from any corner of the world can be a vlogger, a content creator or an influencer. Youtube has become a podium for so many to showcase their talent, with the world as their audience.

One such category of mobile users that has specifically benefited with this technology is that of the homemakers. Today ‘Kabita’s kitchen’ and ‘Brishti cooks’ are names known in every Indian household. Women like them have redefined the era of digital creators teaching us that sometimes, all it takes for one to succeed is the right content and its most simplistic execution.

What’s more? Reels on Instagram have given them yet another stage for the world to witness the power of their ladle. Combine it with the lockdown and a few more housewives showing their enterprising skills, their culinary prowess, and here we are… creating an all new gateway of opportunities, empowerment and confidence.