26th April 2019, By Kartik Kotian, Copywriter

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Summer. Even the word makes you feel the humidity now. The unbearable temperature of this season has made life, well a little less tolerable nowadays. Somehow, for me, summer still holds that nostalgia of my yesteryears. Somehow, still a rare sight of children cycling with wild abandon or that occasional tiny voices of “Out”, “Out!” from the nearby ground is enough to make me reminiscence about the good ol’ days. It’s funny how sometimes those days seem like decades ago and sometimes, it was just yesterday.

Remember the last day of the final exam where it seemed to take eons as the time slowly ticked away. And the moment the bell rung for submissions, a new burst of adrenaline would course through the body.

As the summer reined, so did the carefree days of holidays after the exams. This was the era where we used to rule the world. It was an era of long hours of fun, filled-to-the-brim weekend and weekday plans and the absolute bliss of seeing our friends. Boy, things sure have changed now!

When we think of it now, summer vacations were more than just a holiday season for us school-going kids. It was a celebratory festival of 2 whole months.

The festival of waking up to a delicious breakfast and morning cartoons, calling your friends downstairs, deciding on cricket or football. The breaks included of ice gola, popsicles or rasna. And how could we forget the mangoes? Sometimes, one of the few things still good about summer today is the king of the fruits.

While the afternoons comprised of ludo or card games, the evenings were all about running till you drained of energy. And later, as the battery charge in us slowly reduced, sleep made its way to us peacefully. And this cycle used to run for the next 2 months. What a luxury it was! And when we speak of luxury, for me the visit to the water parks was one of them. All the ruckus, splashing and dashing around has helped me create wonderful memories which I will cherish for a long, long time.

When we look at that time, and when we see today’s generations, sometimes I blissfully happy were we to spend our childhood without being attached to smartphones and technology. And it also makes me feel sympathy for what will the present generation have to fondly reflect on. Because its the good times of the childhood which makes you croon with Bryan Adams, “And if I had the choice, yeah, I'd always wanna be there. Those were the best days of my life.”